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P.O. Box 60478
Philadelphia, PA 19145
215-897-6924 (Voice)
215-897-8885 (Fax)
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Philadelphia Navy Yard

International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers Local 3
is located at the Philadelphia Naval Buisness Center.

Philadelphia Navy Yard

Our History: Local 3 was first formed in July 1, 1918 at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard. The A,F, of L, granted a charter
to the draftsmen on July 1, 1918, in the name of the International Federation of Draftsmen's Unions, Charter locals
included: Local 1, Portsmouth, Virginia; Local 2, New York, New York; Local 3, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania;
Local 4, Portsmouth, New Hampshire; Local 5, Newport, Rhode Island; Local 6, Charleston, South Carolina;
Local 7, Quincy, Massachuseets; Local 8, Vallejo, California; and Local 12, Bremerton, Washington

John Garrity

IFPTE Local's 3 and 160 meet with Rep.Chris Smith (R-3rd) NJ during the IFPTE Legislative Advocacy Week,
Washington, D.C. Pictured from right: John F. Garrity, President Local 3, Rod Sheppard, President IFPTE
Local 160, Canada, Rep.Chris Smith, Paul Dobias, IFPTE Local 3, Trustee
and Lee Girer, Secretary Treasurer,
IFPTE Local 3. May 2011.

Local 3 Toys for Tots Donation
Date: Wednesday, November 05, 2014
Pictured: Pres. John Garrity and Paul Dobias, Vice Pres. SSES with NSWCCD employees.

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