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IFPTE Press & Legislative Releases

(IFPTE) AFL-CIO Pres. letter to Senate IRT Immigration Bill

Ample Free Choice Act falls short in the Senate vote June 2007

IFPTE letter to Senators to
amend H-1B program

Response to GAO Report on NSPS costs July 2007

FY08 CJS Spending Bill-1

Bipartisan NSPS repeal letter
Oct. 31 2007

NSPS: The Perfect Storm Article

FY08 Defense Auth.

Union Endorses Chairman Mollohan's NASA Spending Measure July 2007

House Defunds Reckles NSPS Policy

ALJ Pension Reform Bill Introduced in House Aug. 07

FY08 CJS Spending Bill-2
NASA Final

IFPTE Press Release in support of the Federal Labor-Management partnership bill introduced by Congressman Danny Davis and Senator Akaka. Oct., 23 2007

IFPTE Endorses Rep. Wynn for Congress Oct., 24 2007

Sen. Arlen Specter R-(PA) and Sen. Olympia Snowe R-(Maine) letter to repeal NSPS Oct. 3, 2007

Opposition Letter to the Peru FTA
Nov. 6, 07

IFPTE Responds to FY09 White House Budget

Statement of Gregory J. Junemann,
Feb 12, 08

IFPTE Responds to Tanker Decision

IFPTE Urges Senator McCain to Bring Transparency to His Role in the Air Force's $40 Billion Tanker Contract to French-Based EADS/AIRBUS

IFPTE Letter to Defund Tanker Decision
April 8, 2008

IFPTE Calls on Congress to Defund Tanker Decision April 8, 2008

Fair Pay Restoration Letter April 23, 2008

Sent to all Senate offices IRT supporting the FAA Reauthorization bill. April 29, 2008

Gregory J. Junemann, President to House Appropriators April 30, 2008

Local 3 Pres. John Garrity letter to the Phila. Inquirer editor May 7, 2008

Letter by President Junemann to the offices of all House Armed Services Committee members May 13, 2008

IFPTE Announces New Jersey Congressional Endorsements May 28, 2008

IFPTE White Paper Brings TRUE Transparency to Tanker Contract Decision May 29, 2008

Outsourcing America’s New Tanker May 29, 2008

IFPTE Responds to Release of NSPS Regulations Sept. 29, 2008

Senators Akaka, Pryor, Introduce Enhanced Annual Leave Bill Oct. 2, 2008

Senator Obama Provides TRUE Vision for NASA Sept. 24, 2008

Reid Pelosi NASA letter Sept. 23, 2008

IFPTE Backs Rep Gillibrand 10/14/08

Pres. Junemann letter, Dec 8,08
auto industry bridge loan legislation

Senate HELP Committee Set to Vote on Rep. Hilda Solis
January 13, 2009

Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Restoration
Act (S. 181) letter, January 22, 2009

Lilly Ledbetter S181

Obama Task Force Creation

Auto Bridge Loan Letter

fy10 budget

Solis Confirmed

Solis Full Senate

Hill letter S1843

Deficit Report Dec 2010

Hill Letter Jan. 20, 2011

Federal Workers Alliance Jan. 31, 2011

NASA HR1 Feb. 14, 2011

Ryan Budget April 12, 2011

Feds Aim at Public Pension May 2011

Labor-Law-Reform-Needed May 2011

TAA Program May 2011

Scapegoating May 2011

FLRA May 2011

Infrastructures May 2011

Reject-Free-Trade May 2011

Stand Up for America May 2011




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September 6, 2008