general membership meeting may 19, 2004



the meeting was called to order by president john garrity.


pledge of allegiance to the flag of the u.s.


new members – william wilkinson, code 9345

                                  bohdan dunas, code 9522


both were in attendance, they were accepted into the body

by applause.


the minutes from the previous minutes were distributed to the body.  the minutes were accepted as read.


the financial report was read by edna bailey and accepted as read.  question, dave kelby.   how are we doing in regard to retrieving the monies owed the local from defense finance and accounting service?  edna bailey, we have being diligently working with the agency, but have been transferred to three different people, for different reasons.  what we have corredted is, to make sure the route identification code is correct.  the bank changed hands and our ric, which returned our incoming checks back to the agency.  the agency tried to reissue by direct mail.  president john garrity plans to visit the defense finance and accounting service the second week of june.  he will be in charleston sc on ship check.


                                    unfunished business


accretion of duties – arbitrators’ decision is still pending.  we have been set back three of four times now.  hopefully by this friday we will have a decission.


pw – won a76 decision – most efficient organization


security clearance case won by janice murphy

venetta allen was reinstated, the union was able to help her with an effective letter of appeal


jim winward/janice murphy sat in with a young man before the adm law judge.  both union officers said it is good not to tackle your on case all by yourself.


another union officer sent a letter to the secretary of the navy for a client and got back the client’s job.


nsps – is being lobbied in washington, dc., and the tri-state area. rumsfeld under pressure by senator collins and many representatives are working for the rights of government employees.  unions are banding together to support and fight these issues.


president garrity met senator arlen specter at lunch on base this week.  he took the opPORTUNITY to inform him of our concerns for nsps.  this being an election year, there is a lot of poliTICAL pressure.


we are working on having a picnic in september 2004.


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