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The Perfect Storm 2007

GAO link

Washington Post

Barack Obama responds to IFPTE concerns on NSPS Sept. 08

GMM April 27, 2007

United DOD Workers Coalition Link

NSPS Final Enabling Regulations Published

Commitee on Armed Services Letter, Sept 19, 2008.

NSPS Final Regs Analysis 10/12/08

NSPS Response Sept. 29, 2008

UDWC Press Statement 12/13/05

Sullivan Decision 2/27/06

Philly Inquirer Art Blocking NSPS 2/28/06

NSPS Lawsuit 11/05

UDWC Rumsfeld Security 12/06

DOD's attack on Federal workers 10/08

DOD Demonstration Projects & NSPS 4/6/2004

UDWC Confer Draft fy08 Final

FY08 Defense Authorize NSPS

R. Ault, Pres. Testimony 2008

NSPS 11/18/05 Lawsuit

NSPS Summary 9/07

NSPS Joint Letter to Conferees 10/3/07

Skelton Ortiz to Gates NSPS Signed 2/11/09

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