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Joel Funfar

Joel Funfar


Joel Funfar is Local 2001's current SPEEA President. He was first elected as a NW Council officer in 2004 and has since been elected to numerous Council officer positions, then elected to the SPEEA executive board helping to maintain a strong union leadership at Local 2001. Chairman Funfar began his career at The Boeing Company in 1991. He joined the Local at the urging of his father, who was a SPEEA Engineer, who said “the first thing you need to do once getting a job at Boeing is to join the union”. Throughout his years at Boeing, working as a technician, Funfar has been active in serving the membership.

Funfar initially became involved in Local 2001 by wanting to help members in the workplace. He believes in the power of the union helping to improve working conditions and protecting bargaining unit members from unjust discipline and harassment. He also believes in the power of unions to help our society grow in all ways to benefit everyone.

Funfar served as a Plant 2 Site Co-Coordinator (Boeing HQ site during the strike) and Picket Captain during Local 2001 SPEEA's 40-day strike in 2000. This was the event that began his increasing involvement in union leadership positions.

Funfar served as Chair of SPEEA Legislative and Public Affairs committee from 2002 to 2009. He has been active supporting member's issues at the state level and on Capitol Hill and is a strong supporter of Matt Biggs and IFPTE's legislative work. He also serves on the Organizational Planning committee and was elected a Convention delegate in 2003, 2006, 2009, 2012, 2015, and 2018.

Funfar maintains a strong involvement in legislative activities in Washington State and Washington D.C. He serves as a delegate to The Washington State Labor Council, Board member to The Martin Luther King Jr. County Labor Council and holds a Labor Seat on the King County Airport Roundtable.

At Boeing, Funfar is an Avionics Laboratory Technician supporting various commercial programs such as 737, 747-8, 777, and 787. At former positions in Boeing he worked in the Structural Dynamics Laboratory and was a Wire Designer on the 747-400. Funfar supported various labs at The Integrated Aircraft Systems Laboratory complex (IASL) such as the 777 System Integration Lab, IASL Maintenance, and Computing Operations.

He graduated from the Green River Community College with an AAS degree in Electronics and has a back ground in mechanical work and machining. Interests include politics, history especially Labor History, collecting classic rock albums and CD's, live music, car & horse racing and classic cars.

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IFPTE represents over 80,000 women and men in professional, technical, administrative and associated occupations in the United States and Canada.


Our members work for federal, public and private employers, and work in various occupations such as auditors, drafters/designers, engineers, judges, lawyers, researchers, scientists, and technicians to name a few.

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