The policies and practices of IFPTE are determined by Convention action. The Convention is the supreme legislative, judicial and reviewing authority of the Federation.

IFPTE is made up of nine geographical areas, each with at least one Area Vice-President elected to serve the members in their respective area.

Executive Council

The Executive Council of IFPTE consists of the Executive Officers and the Area Vice-Presidents. Changing conditions sometimes require changes in policies set by the Convention and new policies must be made between Conventions. When this occurs, the Federation's Executive Council makes these policies.

International President

The International President is charged with the management of IFPTE. He is the Chief Executive officer of the Federation and is charged with administering the business of the Federation in accordance with the IFPTE Constitution. He also directs the Federation's legislative, labor-management relations, educational, and public relations activities.

International Secretary-Treasurer

The International Secretary-Treasurer is the Federation's Chief Financial Officer and is responsible for maintaining the financial and membership records of the Union. In this capacity, the Secretary-Treasurer makes the disbursement of funds necessary to carry on the Union's day-to-day activities. The Secretary-Treasurer is also the Director of Organizing and is responsible for all organizing activities of the Federation.

Area Vice-Presidents

The Area Vice-Presidents are members of IFPTE's Executive Council and not only serve as the voices of the Locals from their area, but are also charged with assisting the Executive Officers in carrying out the mission of the Federation.

Constitution of the IFPTE

Constitution (PDF)

IFPTE at a Glance


IFPTE represents over 80,000 women and men in professional, technical, administrative and associated occupations in the United States and Canada.


Our members work for federal, public and private employers, and work in various occupations such as auditors, drafters/designers, engineers, judges, lawyers, researchers, scientists, and technicians to name a few.

Executive Board

The Executive Council is made up of Officers and Area Vice-Presidents. Area Vice-Presidents are elected by members within their specific area, and are responsible for governing IFPTE between conventions. A list of the Area Vice-Presidents can be found on our Officers page.

Executive Officers

The Executive Officers run the day to day operations of IFPTE and they are elected at the IFPTE Convention, which are held every three years.