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IFPTE Members and Leaders Take to the Media, Urge Senate to Pass Funding to End Shutdown

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January 17
All Politics Are Local
In response to this unnecessary shutdown, IFPTE Eastern Federal Area Vice President Gay Henson penned a letter to Senate Leader Mitch McConnell reminding him that 'federal employees do live in Kentucky'.

January 17
If You're a Republican Senator from a NASA State, IFPTE and AFGE Have Some Advice for You
As the Republican controlled Senate refuses to consider bills to reopen the government, IFPTE and AFGE warns those with NASA centers in their states that they must, "end the shutdown now," and "not sit on the sidelines during this pointless and cruel shutdown."

January 11
ESC Local 20, Local 21 and NASA Ames Local 30 Rally in San Francisco Against Shutdown
In San Francisco, IFPTE Locals 20, 21, and 30 were joined by other federal workers from AFGE and NTEU and other union supporters from ILWU, Jobs with Justice, Painters and the Teachers to rally against the government shutdown. The San Francisco rally was held in coordination with the rally in Washington, DC.

    1/10/2019 - Bay Area Government Workers Feel Strain of Shutdown (CBS 5 KPIX)
    “We’re here to demand the 800-thousand federal workers who were furloughed or working without pay be brought back to work and made whole,” said Jonathan Wright of the Environmental Protection Agency.

    1/10/2019 - Bay Area Government Employees Affected by Shutdown Rally (ABC KGO 7)
    Local government employees who haven't been able to work because of the shutdown held a rally in San Francisco Thursday outside the Environmental Protection Agency's Region 9 headquarters.

January 10
Federal Workers Rally to End Shutdown, March on White House
Scientists, judges, NASA workers and other members of IFPTE will join a rally and march to the White House today, calling for an immediate end to the costly and unnecessary government shutdown.

January 8
IFPTE Responds to President Trump’s Address to the Nation
IFPTE President, Paul Shearon, responds that the President, “is responsible for the shutdown,” and, “We need less “Art of the Deal” and more attention to the management of the federal government.”

January 7
IFPTE Warns Senate that Without Considering the Spending Bills to Reopen the Government, “this will quickly become its shutdown as well.”
"The Senate cannot be passive, waiting for permission from the President to do its job," wrote IFPTE leaders to Senate Majority, Mitch McConnell.

January 4
Shearon: Federal Shutdown Creates Long-Term Damage to Workers, Agencies
“Reports to our union suggest that even if the shutdown ends this week, the damage to federal agencies and their work on behalf of the American people will not be quickly repaired,” Professional and Technical Engineers President Paul Shearon says.

January 1
IFPTE Urges Swift Passage of Legislation to Reopen Government Agencies
IFPTE leaders applauded, “the incoming House Democratic majority, and Senate Democratic Leader Schumer, for their plan to put workers ahead of politics by moving swiftly later this week in putting a bill before the Congress to re-open federal government agencies and send locked-out federal workers, including more than ten thousand IFPTE represented employees, back to work.”

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