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IFPTE Members and Leaders Take to the Media, Urge Senate to Pass Funding to End Shutdown

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January 24
(NEW) 'Fed Up' Federal Workers to Rally in NYC on Friday as Shutdown Continues

January 24
(NEW) 'We Didn't Get Ph.D.s Just to Sit Around': Civil Servants' Good Will Erodes (New York Times)
"We can't land humans on Mars, reverse climate change or cure cancer without it," said Lee Stone, a NASA research scientist and a vice president of the International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers, a union that represents thousands in the government and private sector.

January 24
(NEW) Court Backlog May Prove Bigger Barrier for Migrants Than Any Wall (New York Times)
"We can't land humans on Mars, reverse climate change or cure cancer without it," said Lee Stone, a NASA research scientist and a vice president of the International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers, a union that represents thousands in the government and private sector.

January 24
(NEW) 'Conveyer Belt' Justice: An Inside Look at Immigration Courts (Indepth article by GovExec)
Where the cases pile up so relentlessly there's barely time for consideration — or lunch
If not for a Homeland Security Department attorney requesting it, Judge Amiena Khan probably would not have taken a break at all, despite the 64 cases on her docket that day.

January 21
No Paychecks, No Peace (
Tryshanda T. Moton, area vice president for Goddard Engineers, Scientists and Technicians Association (GESTA), of IFPTE Local 29 at NASA, made the connections to King and told some heartrending stories about her federal co-workers who struggle to get by.

January 20
Outside The Washington Circus, Shutdown Havoc Spreads (The Guardian)
“These are human beings that we deal with in immigration court on a daily basis,” Khan said. “These are life-and-death decisions for many individuals.” (Judge Amiena Khan - NAIJ/IFPTE Judicial Council #2 Executive Vice President)

January 19
Shutdown Stalemate Spurs Fears of Exodus from NASA Ames (Mountain View Voice)
"This doesn't bode well for NASA," said Lee Stone, vice president with the International Federation of Professional & Technical Engineers. "A large number of young people at NASA are exasperated and considering leaving for the private sector; and a large number of old folks are thinking of retiring early."

January 19
Immigration Courts Have A Huge Backlog. The Shutdown’s Making It Worse (NPR)
DANA LEIGH MARKS (NAIJ/IFPTE Judicial Council #2): Because we are so backlogged and so short-staffed, the calendars are jam-packed and basically full for the next two to three years.

January 19
Government Shutdown is Making Already Overburdened Immigration Courts Less Efficient (
Judge A. Ashley Tabaddor, president of the National Association of Immigration Judges, said the only cases immigration judges are hearing now are those of people detained while awaiting their chance to appear before a judge. Those judges who are hearing cases – and working without pay – are having to make their decisions in less time and without the staff and translators they would ordinarily have access to.

January 15
NASA Space Center Employees to Protest Government Shutdown in Houston
Labor leader Paul Shearon told Hill.TV earlier this week the number of “highly sought after” NASA employees could be tempted to move to private sector as the shutdown continues.

January 12
Trump Got Rich by Screwing Over Workers—Of Course He’s Doing It Again as President (The Nation)
From the article: “The real problem is that President Trump has shut himself down and he’s refusing to do his job as chief executive,” says Shearon, whose union represents judges in US immigration courts, scientists, engineers and technical workers at NASA, and highly skilled workers at the EPA and NOAA.

January 10
Furloughed Government Workers Rally in SF to Demand End to Shutdown (San Francisco Chronicle)
From the article: Dana Bolles, a payload logistics specialist for NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View, said she should be working on plant biology projects involving the International Space Station. Jesse Lueders, an EPA attorney, said he should be helping to decide whether builders have satisfied clean-air requirements.

January 9
Brown Comments on Government Shutdown (The Evening Leader)
From the article: On the call with Brown, he introduced Paul Greenberg, a scientist at NASA's Glenn Research Center in Cleveland and vice president of International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers Local 28. Greenberg represents the 1,590 unpaid workers at NASA-Glenn and spoke to reporters about the impact he has seen and felt personally.

January 9
Legislation Introduced to Protect Federal Workers During Shutdown (Big Island Now)
From the article: “This legislation will provide much needed relief to federal employees who may be facing civil actions against them due to a lapse in pay that has resulted because of the government shutdown. IFPTE President Paul Shearon

January 9
Partial Shutdown Affects Many Workers and Constituents in Cleveland (Cleveland Plain Dealer)
From the article: Last year, union president Sheila Bailey turned in the paperwork to retire from NASA on Dec. 31. Now she doesn’t know if she’s retired or not. She can’t find out if the paperwork’s been processed.

January 9
Trump Addresses The Nation While Democrats Plead To Reopen The Government (NH Labor News)
“In his remarks this evening President Trump demonstrated that he is very focused on the border and unfocused when it comes to administering the rest of the federal government. He is responsible for the government shutdown," said IFPTE President Paul Shearon. Our members who work for federal agencies such as NASA, the Department of Justice, NOAA and the EPA are tired of the gimmicks and the politics. We need less “Art of the Deal” and more attention to the management of the federal government.”

January 8
Have Ph.D. in Astrophysics, Willing to Sweep Floors to Pay Rent | Opinion (Florida Today)
From the article: “I understand their frustration when not only will wages not go up after the first of the year because the president froze their pay through an executive order, a paycheck won’t come. I understand why they want to scream when they’re told to put their life’s work on hold and beg their landlord to perform maintenance work on advice of federal government human resources advisers.” IFPTE President Paul Shearon

January 7
For These Federal Workers, Shutdown Means Weighing Which Bills to Pay (Washington Post)
From the article: Moton, who works for NASA as an aerospace engineer, said she moved to Prince George’s County eight years ago for the security of a federal job and the paycheck that comes with it. She previously worked as a federal contractor. On Monday, with less than four days before she would miss her paycheck, she said she does not feel secure.

January 7
Federal Workers Recount Concerns Over Transit Payments, Qualifying for Mortgages and Other Shutdown Impacts (GovExec)
From the article: Anel Flores, president of the Goddard Engineers, Scientists and Technicians Association, a division of the International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers, said the mere uncertainty caused by a government shutdown has an impact on NASA workers’ finances and morale.

January 5
Toll on Science and Research Mounts as Government Shutdown Continues (NY Times)
From the article: “We’re not collecting data,” said Leland S. Stone, an area vice president of the International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers, which represents many federal scientists. “And we’re not analyzing the data and we’re not able to make the advances that we’re paid to do.”

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