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IFPTE's Featured Local - Local 32

Our Mission: To Be the Best Union in the West!

IFPTE Local 21

IFPTE Local 21 LogoTo unite individuals in the scientific and technical fields of engineering and associated occupations; to promote their general welfare, professionally, intellectually, and financially; to create and cultivate their professional ethics and encourage a high standard of proficiency; and to secure adequate and proper compensation by legal and recognized means.

In the Beginning

In 1997, employees of Fleet Technical Support Center Pacific (FTSCPAC) in San Diego began the movement to form a federal union. FTSCPAC was created by the merger of Mobile Technical Unit FIVE (MOTU FIVE) and Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEACENPAC). The formation of IFPTE was spearheaded by Don Kopriva and others from Mare Island Naval Shipyard, Vallejo, CA, who transferred to FTSCPAC after the Base Closures and Realignment Act (BRAC) of 1993.

Employees of FTSCPAC voted for representation and the IFPTE Local 32 bargaining unit was born. IFPTE Local 32 would represent federal employees of FTSCPAC in San Diego and at the FTSCPAC detachments in Everett, WA and Pearl Harbor, HI.

After formation, the by-Laws were drafted by Mark Wood, Alan Azimi, Ray Harrison and Don Kopriva. Labor/Management agreements were created to improve working conditions for the employees of FTSCPAC.

Mark Woods – First Elected President of Local 32

Don Kopriva acted as President until the first election when Mark Woods was elected president by the members of Local 32. After achieving numerous improvements in working conditions for the bargaining unit, Mark Woods resigned as Local 32 President in early 1999, prior to his retirement in 2000.

At the second election, Alan Azimi was elected president and Ray Harrison was elected vice president. Alan served as president for four months and left office when he was promoted to a GS-13 supervisory position. Ray Harrison assumed the responsibilities of president with Frank Rodriguez as vice president. Three months later, Ray Harrison resigned for health reasons and later retired. Frank Rodriguez took on the responsibilities of president and appointed Gloria Woodley as vice president. Two months later Frank Rodriguez resigned and Gloria Woodley assumed the responsibilities of president of Local 32.

Gloria M. Woodley – Longest Running President (2000-2009)

In November, 2004, SWRMC was officially established and FTSCPAC, Shore Intermediate Maintenance Activity (SIMA), Consolidated Divers Unit (CDU), and Supervisor of Shipbuilding (SUPSHIP) were dis-established.

IFPTE Local 21AFGE Local 3723 had two internal units; one unit represented the Boat Repair Facility and all of SIMA since the early 1980's. It was an exclusively blue collar workforce, which worked around fiberglass and spray painting operations. AFGE 3723 was able to improve working conditions and establish a standard for protective equipment and environment pay. AFGE also helped set up a rough but effective transition for all of the Boat Repair employees into SWRMC where they had another unit which represented the white collar workers of SUPSHIP.

A consolidation election was conducted by the Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA) to determine which union, AFGE Local 3723 or IFPTE Local 32, would provide exclusive representation for the employees of SWRMC. IFPTE Local 32 won the election. Out of 518 eligible voters, 364 employees cast votes translating to an astounding 70% voter turnout. The final totals were IFPTE - 221; AFGE – 120: No Union – 12, solidifying that when given a fair chance workers will choose union representation.

Gloria M. Woodley continued as president of IFPTE Local 32. Frank Rodriguez retired in 2008 and John Oberster was appointed to the responsibilities of vice president. Gloria resigned in 2009 and John Oberster took over the Local 32 president responsibilities, until a new election in 2010.

In May 2010, Thomas L. Watson was elected as president and Barbara "Bobbie" Rogers was elected vice president. Bobbie Rogers formerly worked at SUPSHIP as Chief Steward, Secretary, Treasurer and Vice President of UNIT F of AFGE LOCAL 3723.

Tom Watson was the vice president of IFPTE Local 1 at SCRMC in Ingleside, TX, and transferred to SWRMC during the BRAC of 2005, after arriving at SWRMC on Ground Hog Day February 2, 2009. Tom retired on August 3, 2012, after 43 years of federal civil service.

For more information, view Local 32’s presentation (PDF) on their history and visit their site,