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IFPTE Celebrates Black History Month

Lateef Animashaun, Member — IFPTE Local 400

Lateef Animashaun, proud native of Nigeria and citizen of Rhode Island, has been an invaluable member of the Rhode Island Department of Transportation. He has committed to maintaining safe streets and structures for the citizens that embark upon the daily travels of life.

A new immigrant to America, Lateef promptly found several brief jobs while acquiring his bachelor's degree from Roger Williams University. Settling into a new country with a new family pushed Lateef to preserve in order to grow a life worth sharing and building with others. By chance in a friendly conversation, a position with the RIDOT was mentioned and shortly after the birth of his firstborn, Lateef found the home in which his career would live for the next 25 years.

Lateef has been an invaluable member of the community since the beginning of his time with RIDOT. He has managed to grow and reach many levels of leadership and hopes to embrace younger workers to take the risk themselves and become the leaders. His coworkers have come to rely on his efficiency and consistency and his willingness to achieve to the highest standards. The quarter century has demonstrated the values that are most important to life as a professional of color: commitment to excellence, integrity, and transparency in all matters that are handled.

When looking for Lateef, there is many a place he can be found: in his office, huddled over blueprints and designs; amongst colleagues conversing about the latest public controversy; or on the phone with his wife or three adult children. Through all these moments, it is clear that streets are not the only things he wishes to build. Passion and relationships are key to the work that he does, which makes his precise approach to the designs and commitment to developing others around him incredible to behold. Lateef has brought the best of his work ethic and passion for the mathematics of structure and safety to his community; in doing so, he has ensured that people can continue on their journeys without fear or doubt.