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114th Congress: Not a Friend of Working People

IFPTE hopes the new Congress coming in next year will be different

As the 114th Congress comes to a close, IFPTE has taken inventory of the legislation attempted and/or passed in what can arguably be considered the most anti-worker Congress in recent history.

Legislation ranging from ending dues deduction and official time in the federal sector, to severely handicapping the solvency of State and Local workers pension funds, to preventing the ability of private sector government contractor workers to earn union level wages have been put forward and voted on in the current Congress.

As a union representing workers in all sectors of the economy, IFPTE looks forward to turning the page to the 115th Congress, which will convene in January. As detailed in the latest IFPTE OUTLOOK newsletter, IFPTEs legislative agenda will focus on broad legislative items while also honing in on the particular concerns facing many of our Locals. Read the full legislative and other IFPTE OUTLOOKarticles here.

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