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$15 minimum wage in 2019 a win for Ontario workers

The Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL) congratulated the Ontario government on the steps it has taken towards updating Ontario’s outdated labour and employment laws, and on their plan to increase minimum wage across the province.

The OFL recognises the collective efforts of workers in Ontario for their strong advocacy on changes to the labour and employment laws in the province and winning a schedule for reaching a $15-minimum wage.

“The Labour movement has supported the call for a $15 minimum wage, and we’re pleased to see this important step being taken,” said OFL President Chris Buckley. “Now it is time to put legislation in place that will guarantee decent conditions in the workplace for all workers, as well as decent pay.”

The Labour movement in Ontario is advocating for wide-ranging changes to the Employment Standards Act and Labour Relations Act to make sure every job in Ontario is a decent job, and that it is easier for workers to join and keep a union. The OFL is engaging with the legislative committee and MPPs over the summer to ensure that the details of the proposed legislation will yield the desired outcome: delivering stability and fairness for all workers in Ontario.

“Every Canadian has a constitutional right to access meaningful collective bargaining under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms,” said Buckley. “Our government must protect this right through legislation that removes obstacles for all workers who desire to exercise their rights and join a union.”

Employment and labour laws are 20 years behind the times, and this is a much-needed update. While some of these announcements go further than the Special Advisors’ recommendations, there are improvements that can still be made through legislation, said Buckley.

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