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7-Story Mural Dedicated to Manitoba Working People

On Monday, July 20th, the Manitoba Federation of Labour in conjunction with the Union Centre, unveiled a 7-story mural dedicated to Manitoba’s working people. The artwork features images of working people throughout the last century, including striking workers from the Winnipeg General Strike of 1919 and contemporary workers. Topping off the mural are many slogans familiar to working people: “United We Stand”, “Prison Bars Cannot Confine Ideas”, and “Unions Make Work Better.” The mural was commissioned using funds from the Winnipeg General Strike Centennial Fund and the Union Centre. IFPTE affiliates TEAM Local 161 and WAPSO Local 162 are both contributors to the fund.

"It really shows, and is dedicated to, working people coming together to fight for change,". Throughout its history, the labour movement has made life better for workers through collective action. This mural is dedicated to the working people of Manitoba, then and now. We hope it gives people a sense that they’re connected and stronger when they work together,” said Kevin Rebeck, president of the Manitoba Federation of Labour

The mural also gave local artist Charlie Johnston a shot at his dream job. "For me this mural is Winnipeg, because it speaks to the culture of the working-class individual and celebrates their lives and their experiences, in an equal, egalitarian and yes, friendly, collaborative experience," Johnston told a local Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reporter.

The mural can be viewed on the east side of the Union Centre in downtown Winnipeg and notably faces towards the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

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