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AALJ Legislative Chair, Judge Gabrielle Vitellio, On Capitol Hill

IFPTE legislative staff joined Judge Vitellio for House and Senate visits this week regarding many of the legislative issues facing the National Association of Administrative Law Judge (AALJ/Judicial Council 1). Issues include seeking support for HR 2429, the bipartisan ALJ Competitive Service Restoration Act">; strengthening support for House passed appropriations language to prevent the anti-union Federal Services Impasses Panel from unilaterally imposing draconian contracts on federal unions; seeking a hearing in the House and Senate regarding SSA’s continued efforts to erode judicial independence and claimant due process rights, and; overall support against the attacks on federal unions.

Judge Vitellio took part in upwards of 25 meetings over three days with key lawmakers and committee offices, including accompanying President Shearon to a meeting with the Maryland Congressional delegation in the United States Capitol regarding the ongoing attacks on federal unions.

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