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AALJ Visits Capitol Hill

The Association of Administration Law Judges (AALJ/IFPTE Judicial Council 1) President, Judge Marilyn Zahm, and Vice President, Judge Linda Stagno, visited several offices on Capitol Hill this week to discuss key reform supported by the union to the Social Security disability adjudicatory process.

In particular, Judges Zahm and Stagno informed key Congressional offices about the importance to implement common sense reforms that will lead to a more efficient adjudicatory process that will not only be claimant friendly, but will also be steps in the right direction to reduce the backlog of over 1 million claimants waiting to have their disability determination cases heard by a Social Security Administrative Law Judge.

Among the issues discussed was the unionís support for implementation of the five day rule, which would require lawyers representing disability claimants to have all of their evidence submitted to the ALJ at least five days before the scheduled hearing.

Judges Zahm and Stagno were joined by IFPTE legislative staff and visited the offices of Representative Becerra and Senators Warren, Wyden, Brown and Casey.

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