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AFL-CIO President Speaks Out on Boeing Tax Accountability

Last week AFL-CIO President Rich Trumka joined SPEEA delegates and other union members at Washington State Labor Federation’s convention in Wenatchee, Washington, where he urged accountability in aerospace tax incentives.

While applauding the work of the engineers represented by SPEEA and the Machinists, Trumka told delegates that “to pocket state tax incentives and then kill good Washington jobs, after sacrifices you and your union members made, it’s just shameful.”

Read more about Trumka's speech in The Stand, and view his speech, including his shout out to the engineers and machinists (at the 43 minute mark) here.

Information mined from SPEEA's website


2/12/2016 - Days After Washington House Finance Committee Bows to Boeing and Votes Against Tax Incentives Accountability, Aerospace Giant Announces Job Cuts

Washington State Rep. June Robinson (D-Everett) issued a statement of disappointment after learning The Boeing Company announced new job cuts. The announcement comes just days after the House Finance Committee failed to advance legislation that would have tied the state’s $8.7 billion tax incentives to jobs at the company.

SPEEA worked hand in hand with the Machinists for the legislation. The aerospace tax incentive extension was approved during the Special Session in November 2013 to “maintain and grow” the state’s aerospace workforce. Since then, Boeing has shed 4,057 jobs in Washington.

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