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AFL-CIO Winter Meetings Focus on a Fair USMCA, Shoring Up Pension Security, and Expanding Organizing

As a Vice President serving on the AFL-CIO Executive Council, IFPTE President Paul Shearon attended the Federationís 2019 winter meetings this week in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Shearon, who serves on several AFL-CIO committees, including the policy, international relations and organizing committees, relayed IFPTEís positions on several matters currently on the front burner of the AFL-CIO priority list, including ensuring that any new trade agreement to replace NAFTA be one that includes a shift from our current neo-liberal trade model that only benefits multi-national corporations, to one that allows for a bona-fide industrial policy and national manufacturing strategy.

Also discussed was IFPTEís aggressive legislative and public relations work during the government shutdown, as well as IFPTEís continued legal challenge to the Trump Executive Orders aimed at gutting federal unions and rendering federal workers Ďat willí employees. IFPTE Secretary-Treasurer/Legislative Director, Matt Biggs, and IFPTE Local 195 President/IFPTE Veterans Committee President, Tim Rudolph, also attended the meeting. Rudolph attended in his capacity as IFPTE's representative on the Union Veterans Council, which also held meetings during the week.

Trade, equal pay for equal work, and labor law reform were among the several resolutions passed during the meetings. View a full list of the passed resolutions.


2/15/2019 - Sorscher on Trade: "We Should Start By Asking What We Want"
On a webinar hosted by the Trade Justice Alliance, titled "NAFTA 2: Democracy or Corporate Rule?", SPEEA Labor Representative Stan Sorscher addresses how our trade policy should help us to become the society we really want to be. Sorscher begins at 4:40.Watch and listen here...

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