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Ahead of Next Week's Vote in the House, IFPTE Urges Representatives to Pass Labor Law Reform Bill

Next week, the House of Representatives is scheduled to vote on the Protecting the Right to Organize Act of 2019 (PRO Act), H.R. 2474, the comprehensive private sector labor law reform bill that updates the National Labor Relations Act in order to restore workers' rights to determine for themselves whether they want to unionize and their legal ability to organize a union without undue employer interference.

In anticipation of the vote, IFPTE's letter to Members of the House of Representatives urged them to pass the bill and for Representatives to oppose any amendments that would water the language, intent, and scope of the bill.

The letter also cites the current organizing campaign by IFPTE Local 20 at Southern California Edison, where the employer "has decided to engage in some of the very anti-worker behavior that this bill seeks to correct... [including] mandatory all-staff captive audience meetings, one on one meetings, and handing out anti-union literature filled with misinformation, all aimed at discouraging union activity."

Restoring workers' ability to organize unions and bargain for better wages, benefits, corking conditions, and a voice in their workplace is necessary for rebuilding a middle class and for reversing the trend of the slow wage growth and increasing inequality that has spanned the last four decades. At a time when workers continue to express their preference for unions but face hurdles when they attempt to organize unions and negotiate first contracts, the PRO Act is a critical priority for American workers.

Read IFPTE's letter to Represenataives urging passage of the PRO Act.

Read the AFL-CIO's letter to Represenataives ahead of the House floor vote on the PRO Act.

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