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Arendt on Capitol Hill as Part of the Waterways Council Legislative Week

IFPTE Local 561 Steward, Mike Arendt, represented IFPTE this week at the annual Waterways Council’s meeting and legislative advocacy week in Washington.

Arendt teamed with members from other Waterways Council member organizations on Capitol Hill to visit with several key lawmakers and their office staff regarding issues impacting the USACE and their workforce, including matters related to reliable and consistent funding for the modernization and expansion of U.S. inner waterways infrastructures. In particular, Arendt met with his home state Senator, Roger Wicker, as well as several other lawmakers in key positions overseeing waterway infrastructure matters.

Arendt commented that, “IFPTE’s membership in the Waterways Council has helped to open many doors for the union when it comes to advocating for the issues of importance to IFPTE represented Army Corps of Engineers workers. I am pleased with this week’s visits and look forward to working closely with IFPTE and the Waterways Council on these issues moving forward.”

Many thanks to Local 561 for supporting IFPTE’s USACE legislative policy efforts!


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