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As Government Shutdown Looms Large, IFPTE Weighs-In with Members, Capitol Hill

As the week unfolded, it became increasingly likely that the Congress would fall short of passing a funding bill to keep the government open past the January 19th deadline.

IFPTE kept members informed with daily updates from Capitol Hill, while also weighing in with Hill lawmakers urging passage of legislation to ensure that all federal workers are compensated in the event of a shutdown. Read the full Hill letter and Daily Updates below.

1/18/2018 - Will Federal Employees and Retirees Get Paid in a Shutdown? (FedSmith)


To All IFPTE Federal Locals:

We wanted to share the attached two items with you:

1. IFPTE letter sent this afternoon to all hill lawmakers urging swift passage of legislation ensuring that all federal employees get paid in the event of a shutdown;

2. OPM’s provided furlough guidance, with the following highlighted information:

  • Question B5, page 2, addresses employee notification of their status. Since each situation will very, this is left up to agencies;
  • Question D1, page 6, addresses pay for excepted employees who perform work during a shutdown;
  • Question D3, page 6, addresses pay for employees for hours worked prior to a lapse in appropriations;
  • Question F1, page 8, addresses paid time off (e.g. annual leave, sick leave, etc.) during a shutdown;
  • Questions F2, 2a, 2b and 7 may also be worth reviewing;
  • Question P2 and 2a, page 26, address how employees can receive furlough notices;
  • Question P9 addresses employees on travel during a lapse in appropriations.
The OPM guidance and other relevant information related to a lapse in appropriations and furlough can also be found here on the OPM website.

OPM Guidance for Shutdowns and Furloughs

Daily Updates

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