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As SPEEA Ramps Up Support for Washington State Tax Accountability Bill, Boeing Disclosed Receiving $242 Million in Taxpayer Benefits in 2016

While current and laid off SPEEA members testified in Olympia, WA in early May in support of two bipartisan tax incentive accountability bills tying Boeing’s aerospace tax breaks to a mandatory minimum number of jobs, The Boeing Company was busy collecting $242 million in Washington state taxpayer subsidies while cutting nearly 13,000 jobs since the state legislature voted to extend the tax breaks worth a projected $8.7 billion.

The state House of Representatives Finance Committee held the hearing on May 2nd on House Bill (HB) 2145 and 2146. In addition to SPEEA/IFPTE Local 2001, others testifying in favor of HB 2145/2146 included the Machinists, Good Jobs First, the Washington Budget & Policy Center, and a number of parents and grandparents concerned about corporate tax breaks shortchanging the funding for education.

The disclosure of the $242 million tax benefit over the last year was made by The Boeing Company last Friday afternoon prior to the Memorial Day weekend holiday. As reported in the Seattle Times last week, “Boeing disclosed the figures ahead of the holiday weekend, when the news is likely to get less attention.” SPEEA/IFPTE Local 2001 and others in the labor community continue to push legislation that ties corporate tax subsidies to preserving jobs in the state.

View the May 2nd hearing here.

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