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As the Domestic Aerospace Industry Faces A Dire Financial Crisis, IFPTE Supports $60 Billion in Federal Assistance

In a letter to the House of Representatives, IFPTE urges lawmakers to pass a $60 billion federal assistance package stating, "IFPTE fully supports a $60 billion federal assistance package for our domestic aerospace workforce. This federal aid supports the industry’s supplier network, which stretches across the U.S. and includes Kansas-based sub-assembly manufacturer Spirit AeroSystems, where our union represents over 2,600 workers. Federal assistance is critical for maintaining and expanding the domestic supply chain. The absence of robust pro-worker federal financial assistance for aerospace workers and the industry could jeopardize 500,000 jobs in a high-skilled and highly unionized industry."

Read the full letter below.

3/21/2020 - Washington Delegation Letter

3/23/2020 - House Letter on Aerospace Manufacturing

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IFPTE's Letter to House Members for the Aerospace Industry

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