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Attack on Government Workers

We Are Not the Problem!

Since the economic crisis began, federal and public workers have been attacked as the crux of our financial problems. See what’s really happening in the states and on the national level.

Public Sector:

02.09.12 - San Jose City Employees Vote to File Ethics Complaint Against Mayor Reed & Retirement Department Director

02.08.12 - House Surface Transportation Bill Falls Short

02.01.12 - IFPTE Endorses the Marketplace Fairness Act

12.09.11 - IFPTE Joins Public Sector Unions in Support of State and Local Government Streamlined Sales Tax Legislation

11.29.11 - IFPTE Joins Union Coalition in Opposing Another House Bill to Preempt State Taxing Authority

11.09.11 - Ohio Voters Reject Ohio Union Busting Senate Bill 5

10.31.11 - IFPTE Joins with Public Sector Unions in Opposing the "Wireless Tax Fairness Act"

10.12.11 - Governmental Accounting Standards Board Proposed Accounting Changes Will Weaken Public Sector Pensions

06.27.11 - Democratic Controlled NJ Legislature Signs Off on Union Busting Legislation

06.22.11 - The Struggle in New Jersey Continues

06.21.11 - IFPTE Tells New Jersey Assembly Members to Kill the Bill

06.17.11 - Not All New Jersey Democrats Are Union Busters

03.11.11 - A Letter to Governor Scott Walker

03.07.11 - Wisconsin - A short film shot entirely on the top of State Street at The Capitol in Madison, Wisconsin

03.01.11 - Junemann on Wisconsin Protests "Labor Must Work in Tandem"

02.25.11 - Labor Unity Rally

02.23.11 - What You Can Do to Help the Public Sector Workers in Wisconsin

02.22.11 - IFPTE Stands In Solidarity with Wisconsin Public Sector Workers

01.29.11 - Why Privatize the New Jersey Turnpike?

09.17.10 - IFPTE Urges the Department of Transportation, NJ Legislature, to Block Privatization of NJ Emergency Service Patrol Program

The Feds:

02.13.12 - IFPTE Responds to President Obama's Fiscal Year 2013 Budget Proposal

02.08.12 - House Surface Transportation Bill Falls Short

02.06.12 - Rep. Dennis Ross' Bill takes a Sledge Hammer to Federal Pensions

01.23.12 - Conferees Begin Meeting to Extend Payroll Tax Holiday, Long Term UI

01.20.12 - Federal Employees Still Being Targeted

12.21.11 - House GOP Fine with Increasing Taxes on Workers, and Leaving the Unemployed Out in the Cold During the Holidays

12.14.11 - HR 3630 Passes House

12.13.11 - House GOP UI and Payroll Tax Extension Bill Once Again Targets Federal Workers and the Unemployed

12.09.11 - Payroll Tax Extension at the Expense of Federal Employees? The Federal-Postal Coalition Says No

12.01.11 - IFPTE Opposes Senate Bill 1931

11.04.11 - IFPTE Calls for Collective Bargaining Rights, Pension Protections, for Local 1937 Members

10.28.11 - Chairman Issa Recommends Slash and Burn Federal Employee Policy to Super Committee: IFPTE Says No

10.17.11 - Senator Akaka Sends Recommendations Letter to Super Committee

10.14.11 - OMB Recommends Increases in TVA Worker Pension Contributions

10.11.11 - IFPTE Testifies on Benefits of Federal Government Partnerships

09.14.11 - Coalition of Federal Unions Weighs in with 'Super Committee' to Defend Federal Workforce

09.02.11 - IFPTE Letter to the Congressional 'Super Committee'

08.16.11 - POTUS Remarks On Labor Unions and Government Workers

08.12.11 - 'Essential' and 'Excepted' Federal Workers Should Be Inherently Governmental

08.04.11 - Union Busting Fuels FAA Shutdown

08.01.11 - IFPTE Responds, Debt Ceiling Deal Reached

06.21.11 - Maryland Senator, Barbara Mikulski, Says No to Attacks on Federal Pensions

06.17.11 - IFPTE Calls on Obama Administration to Reject Federal Employee only Tax on Pensions

06.06.11 - Rep. Tim Scott Union Busting Bill Aims to End Federal Dues Deduction

05.25.11 - House to Consider HR 1540, the National Defense Authorization Act

05.24.11 - Senate Primed to Vote on Anti-Worker Budget Proposals

04.27.11 - Obama Strongly Disapproves of Public Union Limits

02.17.11 - Issa, Rokita Amendments to HR 1 Aim to Further Cut Federal Employee Salaries

02.17.11 - IFPTE Defends NASA Exploration Program

02.16.11 - Weiner Amendment to HR 1 Would Cause NASA Job Losses

02.15.11 - House Lawmakers Take Aim at Eroding Federal Efficiencies and Union Representation

02.15.11 - IFPTE Opposes HR1, the Fiscal Year 2011 Continuing Resolution

02.03.11 - Federal Workers Keep America Running: Every Hour of Every Day

02.01.11 - IFPTE, FWA to the White House - reject the recommendations made by the Deficit Commission

01.20.11 - IFPTE Says No to Congressional Attacks on Federal Workers

12.13.10 - Rich are Rich Enough; Help the Middle Class

12.07.10 - As Congress Works to Finalize FY Spending, IFPTE Urges Congress to Reject Federal Pay Freeze Proposal

12.02.10 - Ron's Rant

12.02.10 - IFPTE Calls Deficit Commission Report an Attack on Working Families

11.29.10 - President Obama to Freeze Federal Employee Pay in 2011, 2012

10.18.10 - Dissatisfaction in Federal Employee Pay Sign of Disconnect

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