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Bill Aimed at Gutting the National Labor Relations Board to Hit House Floor on Thursday

IFPTE President warns House members that the legislation, “takes away the enforcement mechanism of the NLRB, thereby rendering it useless to remedy rouge actions by employers against their workers.”

NOTE: After IFPTE sent its letter to the House, we received a call from SPEEA/IFPTE Local 2001 who represents well over 20,000 Boeing workers. SPEEA has been entangled in an NLRB case with the Boeing Company for over 10 years. Despite SPEEA’s winning a unit clarification dispute with Boeing as early as 2006 and as recently as last month, Boeing continues to take advantage of the long and arduous NLRB process by filing another appeal.

The case stems from Boeing’s insistence on refusing to recognize union rights for new hires and transfers at Edwards Air Force Base and Palmdale. Boeing appealed the 2006 decision, leading the national NLRB to send the case back to the regional level for review, and has again decided to appeal last month’s decision. This all to avoid allowing engineers and technicians in Palmdale have union representation.

The point: On one hand Boeing is more than eager to use the NLRB for its union avoidance agenda, but on the other, the company is willing to attack the agency and support legislation to gut it when it rules against them. So far the Boeing Company has spent over $2 million dollars appealing the NLRB decisions involving the Palmdale workers. The full story of this can be found in SPEEA’s latest newsletter, which is on the SPEEA website at:

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