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Building IFPTE's Legislative Strength through the LEAP-PAC Century Challenge

IFPTE Local 3 has once again stepped up to the plate to christen the next phase of IFPTE’s union-wide effort to build the PAC through the “LEAP Century Challenge.” Between now and the International Convention in late June, IFPTE will be launching the next phase of the PAC Program in conjunction with the celebration of IFPTE’s 100-year anniversary.

Like the initiation of the program in 2016, the launch of this phase will again start with Local 3, which has generously agreed to host their second, all member PAC event on March 14th in Philadelphia. Local 3 President, John Garrity, volunteered his Local to kick off the next phase, saying, “Local 3 was proud to begin the initiation of the PAC program in 2016, and we are again honored to be the first Local to start the LEAP Century Challenge. As a Local that has worked very closely with the International and lawmakers in Congress on our legislative priorities for many years, Local 3 members understand first-hand about how very important a strong PAC is to our legislative program.”

The event in Philadelphia will be on March 14th, and is outlined in the Local 3 member invitation here.

3/9/3018 - Read IFPTE's memo outlining the LEAP Century Challenge to PAC participating Locals. If your local is not listed, and wants to support the PAC, please contact IFPTE Legislative Director, Matt Biggs, at

IFPTE Local 3's LEAP Century Challenge Invitation Letter

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