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COVID-19's Impact on Women's Mental Health (WSN Spotlight)

COVID-19 has brought about drastic changes to our daily lives. Changes at work, home and in our communities have left many of us feeling stressed and overwhelmed from juggling increased demands to anticipating what life will look like next week or month while navigating the unknown social, economic and political terrain the pandemic has thrust us into. The fatigue women are experiencing trying to balance their paid and unpaid work in the middle of a crisis is definitely taking a toll. Last week, Forbes published an article on COVID-19’s impact on women’s mental health. It highlighted a survey which found 53% of working women and 29% of men have experienced an increase in anxiety since February.

It is an unprecedented time for discussions about mental health and many resources are being created by different organizations to assist people who may be struggling during this difficult period. The IFPTE Women’s Solidarity Network is dedicating this spotlight to mental health and wellness. We have selected a few resources to share and hope you find them useful.

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