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'Count Every Vote' - IFPTE Issues Statement in Response to 2020 Election Status

IFPTE President Paul Shearon made the following comments in response to the ongoing 2020 election: “IFPTE remains optimistic that our endorsed candidate for President, and long-time friend to IFPTE, Vice President Biden, will be declared the winner of the presidential election when all is said and done. While we are confident and await the final determination, we join the AFL-CIO and the larger labor movement in insisting that each and every ballot across the nation, including the all important states of Pennsylvania, Arizona, Nevada, Georgia and North Carolina, are counted and recorded. Once all is said and done, IFPTE looks forward to working with a labor friendly-administration who values the labor movement, versus the current Trump Administration that has spent the better part of the last four years trying to destroy us.”

9/17/2020 – President Trump Has Attacked Workers’ Safety, Wages, and Rights Since Day One (EPI)

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