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EA/IFPTE Local 1937 Becomes the 9th Local to Participate in IFPTE's LEAP-PAC Program

Last week executive board members and Designated Union Representatives (DURs) of the Engineering Association (EA/IFPTE Local 1937) heard a presentation from IFPTE legislative/political staff regarding the importance of joining the IFPTE LEAP-PAC campaign.

The campaign, undertaken after delegates at the 2015 IFPTE Convention passed Resolution 26 that stated, “the political reality of national and state policymaking requires unions to have a strong PAC in order to properly represent the interests of their members,” and concluded that, “the Federation create and support a program that builds the IFPTE PAC to a responsible level to afford members and Locals appropriate political and legislative representation,” has already garnered the support of Locals 1, 3, 4, 30, 32, 70, 121 and 2001. With the addition of Local 1937, nine Locals are actively participating in the program. Locals 20 and 400 are set to join later in 2017.

EA/Local 1937 members were informed how the PAC can be a great tool to reach success on the issues impacting their membership. Issues such as retirement security, the EA union recognition clause, and working to protect/keep secure EA represented jobs from privatization were among just a few of the concerns discussed. The group also talked about major issues impacting unions, collective bargaining, and Veterans overall that are currently before Congress. Preserving collective bargaining rights and ending damaging sequestration cuts to the federal budget were also discussed.

Thanks for the support EA/Local 1937! IFPTE looks forward to continuing to work with our Locals to build the IFPTE LEAP-PAC.

9/8/2016 - "Issues over Politics" - SPEEA Takes Part in IFPTE's PAC Program

Resolution #26: Building the IFPTE LEAP-PAC

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