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East Bay Community Law Center Joins ESC Local 20!

On March 8th, Arbitrator David Weinberg conducted a card count for workers at the East Bay Community Law Center (EBCLC) to join ESC/IFPTE Local 20. More than 82% of the workers signed cards greatly surpassing the simply majority and certification.

The unit includes attorneys, researchers, social workers, therapists, paralegals, development coordinators, administrative assistants, legal secretaries, and work-study employees.

For over 30 years, EBCLC has been providing community legal services focusing on economic justice, education, health and welfare, housing, and immigration.

EBCLC's Organizing Committee worked tirelessly to build strong support across all job titles and programs. They fought hard to win card check recognition and in the process, have laid the foundation for a very strong union at EBCLC.

Joathan Wright, ESC's Organizing and Legislative Coordinator, thanked ESC member organizers Nancy Martinez and Elizabeth Kristen for devoting their time to the campaign, meeting with workers and making themselves available to answer questions.

Wright also said the victory could not have been achieved without the invaluable assistance of Linda Shipley and Danielle Lucido.

IFPTE joins ESC in welcoming EBCLC family to our family!

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