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“Fed-Up” -- Federal Workers - Not Furloughed - Rally this Friday in NYC to Offer Support to Gov’t. Workers Locked-Out and Not Drawing Paychecks

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January 23, 2018

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NEW YORK – As the unnecessary shutdown of the U.S. government – now the longest on record – enters its second month, federal workers, families and supporters will join together in lower Manhattan for a gathering termed “Fed Up” to support workers who have been furloughed and those being forced to work without pay.

Who: Federal workers, family members, supporters and concerned citizens

What: “Fed Up,” a gathering to support federal workers

Where: 87 Lafayette St (Downtown Community Television Center, DCTV)

When: Friday, January 25th 4:30-7:30

“We are fed up with this long and unnecessary shutdown, and we are proud to stand with federal workers and their families,” said Franco DiCroce, president of Local 98 of the International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers (IFPTE), one of the local unions sponsoring the event.

Members of Local 98, who work for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, are not affected by the government shutdown. The “Fed Up” gathering was organized in solidarity with thousands of federal workers in metro New York who have been forced to live without an income for more than a month.

The event also is co-sponsored by American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) Local 3911, representing furloughed workers at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Union members are distributing red, white and blue awareness ribbons in advance of the “Fed Up” event. The Friday gathering will provide locked-out and furloughed workers with information on filing for unemployment benefits, resources for financial assistance,information on what they can and can’t say to the media and in public under the Hatch Act, and other topics.

The “Fed Up” gathering also will feature an “open mic” with testimony from federal workers, including not only those from affected agencies, but also federal workers still on the job and drawing paychecks who have gone through other shutdowns.

“We need to highlight what’s happening to both families going without paychecks and to their federal agencies while our federal government is paralyzed,” said DiCroce. “Federal workers still on the job and still drawing paychecks know that only due to luck of the draw and the legislative calendar is why we are working with pay while our colleagues are out in the cold. We want to help any way we can.“

Federal workers who provide services deemed essential – like air traffic control and airport security – are being forced to work without pay. Meanwhile, agencies like NASA are almost completely shuttered and the Immigration Courts, part of the Department of Justice, have canceled more than 60,000 hearings since the shutdown began. At least 10,000 of those cases were scheduled to be heard in New York City.

Across the nation, IFPTE represents 80,000 highly-skilled workers in both the public and private sectors. The union is an affiliate of the AFL-CIO. More information can be found at

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“Fed-Up” Local 98 Rally this Friday in NYC to Offer Support to Gov’t Workers Locked-Out and Not Drawing Paychecks

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