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Five Years After Sandy Hook, IFPTE Remembers Anne Marie Murphy

December 14th marked the five year anniversary of the tragedy at Sandy Hook, where 26 people, including young children, were brutally killed while at school. Among the victims was IFPTE Local 136-13 member, Anne Marie Murphy, who was a Para-educator at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

IFPTE President Greg Junemann commented, saying, “In December of 2012, I flew to White Plains and drove with other IFPTE members, who came from New York and New Jersey, to attend the funeral Mass for Anne Marie Murphy. I stood in the back of the overcrowded church, and along with everyone else who was there, I openly wept when Anne Marie’s husband gave her eulogy at the end of the Mass. For more than a year afterward, I carried Anne Marie’s picture in my speech folder so that I could display it to whomever was in the audience and talk about the true meaning of heroism. Every year when December 14th rolls around, I only think about the tragic and senseless loss of a brave young woman, her colleagues, and the precious children that she worked with each day. The IFPTE family continues to remember these heroic victims and their families.”

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