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Holding Lawmakers Accountable

Local 121, SPEEA's Veteran's Committee Chair Mike Shea weigh-in

When the House was considering, and ultimately passed a bill last week to eviscerate Veterans Administration (VA) worker and collective bargaining rights, IFPTE Local 121 President, Jamie Hiranaka and SPEEA Veteran Committee Chair, Mike Shea, weighed in strong with Congress.

Shea sent a letter to Congressman Larson urging him to vote no on HR 1259, while Hiranaka expressed disappointment with Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard for being one of only ten Democrats to support the bill.

The bill in question is an anti-federal employee and anti-federal union bill that does nothing to improve the VA. Hiranaka described the bill as, “an onslaught for the worker’s rights for federal workers at the VA.” Shea, an Army veteran of the Persian Gulf War, described this bill and others like it as having, “nothing to improve government and adds no value whatsoever to our nation.”

Read Hiranaka’s and Shea’s letters below.

3/16/2017 - HR 1259 passes House by a vote of 237-178. See how your member voted.

Read Local 121's letter

Read Mike Shea's letter

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