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House Approves A 'Robin Hood in Reverse' Budget -- Looks to Federal Workers to Help Fund Tax Cut for the Wealthy

Over the objection of IFPTE and many other unions, the House of Representatives approved a draconian budget (H.Con.Res. 71) this week that opens the door for Congress to implement massive cuts to federal retirement and health benefits to ultimately help pay for a tax package that will largely benefit the ultra-wealthy and corporations.

Specifically, the budget legislation that was approved by a vote of 219-206 (with all Democrats and 17 Republicans voting NO) mandates that the House Oversight and Government Reform (OGR) Committee find at least $32 billion in savings from federal employee benefit programs. Because the Senate still needs to approve its budget--which passed in committee this week and which currently does not contain the mandatory federal employee cuts--and reconcile with the House budget bill, IFPTE will continue to work in coordination with other unions and like-minded organizations to block the House recommended cuts in the final legislative package.

See how your member of Congress voted on H.Con.Res. 71 – a YES vote is to cut your pensions and health care, and a NO vote is to preserve your benefits.

10/2/2017 – Read the Fed-Postal Coalition Letter to Hill Staff

10/5/2017 – Lee Stone, Western Federal Area VP/Local 30 President, responds to the budget, telling his members that, “Your Union disagrees and is on the Hill advocating for you and the benefit to the taxpayer you provide.” Read his full letter

10/5/2017 – House Approves Budget Plan that Would Cut Federal Employee Benefits (GovExec)

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