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House Committee Seeks to Link the Use of Official Time to Pension Cuts

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee passed two bills this week, HR 1364 and HR 1293, sponsored by Rep. Jody Hice that involved Official Time. IFPTE alerted lawmakers that the legislation is "not only unnecessary, it is a downright mean-spirited attack on worker bees." Read the letter below and the text of the legislation.

3/7/2017 - Read the AFL-CIO's letter below opposing attacks on Official Time
3/7/2017 - Read AFGE's and MTD's letters opposing attacks on Official Time
3/8/2017 - See the full committee mark-up of the Hice Official Time bill (Hice bill consideration starts around the 1:35 mark).
3/10/2017 - Pension Reforms, Punishments for Porn Watchers Advance (GovExec)
5/28/2014 - Learn about Rep. Hice before he became a Member of Congress - 7 Outrageous Rants from GOP House candidate, Jody Hice

IFPTE's Letter to the House Oversight and Gov't Reform Committee

AFL-CIO Letter Opposing Official Time Reform Act

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