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House Passes Bill that Eviscerates Collective Bargaining Rights for VA Workers, IFPTE Responds

The House of Representatives continued its attacks on the rights of federal employees as well as their collective bargaining rights by passing HR 1259.

If enacted in its current form, this legislation would all but eliminate collective bargaining rights, and would significantly erode the due process rights of federal workers facing potential adverse actions. Specifically, the legislation eliminates the ability of workers in a collective bargaining unit from using union negotiated grievance procedures to fairly and efficiently work through the processes of adverse actions.

While IFPTE does not represent Veterans Administration (VA) employees, the union nonetheless weighed-in on the bill, warning, “if this kind of draconian attack on the workers' rights and collective bargaining rights can happen at the VA, it can surely happen one day where IFPTE represents workers. IFPTE will work to defeat this bill in the Senate and other bills like it.”

The AFL-CIO also weighed in calling the bill a, “thinly veiled effort to destroy union rights…”. The VA’s target union, AFGE, said the bill was intended to “eliminate collective bargaining rights,” and that it would “hurt, not fix, the VA.” Read the full AFL-CIO letter and AFGE letters below.

3/16/2017 - HR 1259 passes House by a vote of 237-178. See how your House member voted.

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AFGE's Letter to the House Opposing HR 1259

AFL-CIO's Letter Opposing the VA Accountability First Act (HR 1259)

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