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IFPTE, One of 22 Orgs Calling on Congress to Mitigate Medicare Part B Premium Hikes

IFPTE joined a Federal-Postal Coalition effort urging Federal lawmakers to pass legislation guaranteeing that upwards of 30% of Medicare beneficiaries will not see a $12 per month Medicare Part B premium increase in 2017, compared to a $4 increase for the remaining 70% of Medicare beneficiaries.

Currently, and because of the ‘hold harmless’ loophole in current law, Medicare Part B participants collecting Social Security COLA increases are protected from the steep increases. Others, such those who have delayed collecting Social Security, public employees whose pensions do not include Social Security, and others not eligible for Social Security, are left to pay the increased premiums.

In the letter to Congressional lawmakers, organizations urged that, “this unfair situation was created years ago and it is time for Congress to right this unintended wrong.” Read the full letter below.

(10/4/2016) – Why your 2017 Medicare premiums could jump 20% (Money)

Federal-Postal Coalition Letter regarding Medicare Part B Premium Hikes

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