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IFPTE Applauds Bipartisan Group of Shipyard Senators

Urge the Navy to fix the Accelerated Promotion Program

Hawaii Senator Brian Schatz led on a letter signed by all Senators representing one of the four public shipyards regarding the Accelerated Promotion Program (APP), which was unilaterally and incorrectly eliminated the Navy’s office of Civilian Human Resources last year.

While the APP was ultimately put back into place after IFPTE and others urged a reversal, many workers promised promotions have not been granted them. In response, the bipartisan letter this week urges the Navy to, “retroactively apply accelerated promotions to eligible Navy shipyard civilian employees hired between January 23, 2016 and December 22, 2016.” Read the full letter below.

2017 - IFPTE 2017 DoD Workers Issue Brief urges to close the unfair APP gap

Read the Accelerated Promotion Program Letter here

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