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IFPTE Applauds Passage of the PRO Act

Union leaders say that labor law reform bill “long overdue”

Friday, February 7, 2020

Contact: Candace Rhett
(202) 239-4880

WASHINGTON, DC – The International Federation of Professional & Technical Engineers (IFPTE) issued the following responses to last night’s House of Representatives bipartisan passage of the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act (HR 3463):

IFPTE President Paul Shearon:
“The need for this legislation is long overdue, as millions of private sector workers seeking to organize a union throughout the United States are consistently subjected to employer interference and intimidation tactics. There is no better example of this than what is currently occurring at Southern Cal Edison, where upwards of 800 workers are seeking to form a union and be represented by the Engineers and Scientists of California (ESC/IFPTE Local 20). Unfortunately, the company is doing what most private sector employers do when their workers try to organize, forcing employees to participate in all-staff captive audience meetings, one-on-one meetings, and handing out anti-union literature filled with misinformation aimed at discouraging union activity. IFPTE applauds all of the House members who voted in support of this bill and for standing up for working people.”

IFPTE Secretary-Treasurer/Legislative Director Matt Biggs:
“IFPTE thanks House Education and Labor Chairman Bobby Scott for authoring this bill, moving it through his committee, and ultimately to the full House for this historic vote. We applaud Chairman Scott and all the sponsors of the bill for moving to restore the constitutional right of workers to be able to organize together and form unions. We also recognize and thank Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Hoyer for ensuring that this bill got a vote and for making this issue a top priority. Last night’s vote was a critical step forward in setting the table for this legislation to ultimately become law during the next Congress, as Senate Leader Mitch McConnell will no doubt block the ability for the Senate to consider the legislation this year. That said, IFPTE will continue to work with Congress, and advocate at the grassroots level toward ultimately ensuring that this legislation becomes law.”

The PRO Act passed by a vote of 224-194. Five Republicans joined most House Democrats in support of the bill, while seven Democrats voted against it. Click here to see the final tally.


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IFPTE Applauds Passage of PRO Act

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