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IFPTE Applauds Senators Van Hollen, Cardin for Stepping Up in Support of Federal Workers

Maryland Senators Chris Van Hollen and Ben Cardin not only organized floor statements this week in support of federal workers, they also penned several letters to SSA regarding the agency’s lawless implementation of the Trump union busting and federal employee due process Executive Orders. They wrote, “SSA leadership has abrogated its collective bargaining agreement,” and that, “we are also concerned about protecting the independence of Administrative Law Judges (ALJs), in light of President Trump’s more recent Executive Order removing these positions from the competitive service.”

Read Senator Van Hollen’s and IFPTE's press statements below.


7/25/2018 - See Senator Van Hollen's Senate floor video through Twitter or Facebook

7/25/2018 - 'Our Public Servants Deserve Better' (GovExec story featureing Senator Mark Warner)

7/25/2018 - Summary of the oral arguments as provided by IFPTE General Counsel Teresa Ellis, who was in attendance:

“The oral arguments took place in front of a packed courtroom -- there were about 100 people in the courtroom itself and an overflow room as well. The judge did not set time limits for arguments but broke the case into several issues for each side to expound upon at length. She appeared neutral in her questioning, asking detailed questions of each side and acknowledging the complexity of the range of federal issues. She also seemed to have a good grasp of federal labor law and of how federal unions work. There was detailed discussion of district court jurisdiction as well as whether the EOs are “government-wide rules or regulations.” While the government did its best at oral arguments to expand Presidential authority beyond that which Congress clearly intended, it is our hope that the judge agrees that the President cannot override the specifics of the collective bargaining framework laid out under the Statute.

“The lawyers are meeting again next week to discuss what comes next and how best to assist our Locals. We will have a call the following week to update all of you. In the meantime, please feel free to continue to contact any of us here at IFPTE with questions.”

IFPTE's press release on Trump's Executive Orders

Senators Van Hollen and Cardin's press release on Trump's Executive Orders

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