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IFPTE Calls Trump Administration's FY18 Budget Proposal 'An Attack on Working Families'

President Trump unveiled his Administration’s Fiscal Year 2018 (FY18) budget proposal this week. The budget submission, which will not become law and is not binding, calls for radically steep cuts to federal worker pensions, totaling over $148 billion in federal pension cuts over ten years. The proposal also makes drastic changes to the Medicaid program that will result in millions of our neediest citizens losing health coverage and states losing federal dollars to support that coverage.

IFPTE issued a statement responding to the budget saying that the cuts, “will make it even harder for DoD, NASA, EPA and other federal Agencies to be able to recruit the highest quality employees in the future particularly given the total compensation for skilled federal workers is already not competitive.” Further, the union “looks now to lawmakers in Congress from both sides of the aisle to reject this attack on working families and draconian approach to our national priorities."

Read IFPTE's full statement below.

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IFPTE's Statement on the Trump Administration's FY18 Budget Proposal

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