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IFPTE Council of Canadian Area Locals Meet in Winnipeg

​Leaders from The Society of Union Professionals (SUP/IFPTE Local 160), the Telecommunications Employees Association of Manitoba (TEAM/IFPTE Local 161), the Winnipeg Association of Public Service Officers (WAPSO/IFPTE Local 162), and IFPTE International, gathered in Winnipeg this week to discuss the major issues facing IFPTE members in Canada, including legislation being pushed in both Ontario and Manitoba.

Among the matters addressed were Bills 28 and 29. Bill 28 freezes and caps public sector wage increases; Bill 29 consolidates health care industry unions in Manitoba. Leaders also discussed Ontario Premier Ford’s policy to cap public sector pay raises and drastically slash the legal aid Ontario budget, best practices related to member communication and mobilization, and growing IFPTE’s membership in Canada through organizing.

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