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IFPTE Executive Council Condemns Union Busting at National Center for Transgender Equality

The sixteen-member IFPTE Executive Council unanimously condemned the actions of the National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) after the employer ‘laid off’ ALL of their employees who were seeking to unionize.

The actions of the NCTE came as the Non Profit Employees Union (NPEU/IFPTE Local 70) was working with NCTE workers who were seeking to form a union. The IFPTE International responded to NCTE’s actions by passing a motion at this week’s biannual Executive Council meeting, “condemning NCTE’s transparent attempt to prevent their workers from unionizing by blatantly dismissing ALL of those employees who would have been a part of the collective bargaining unit.” The condemning also, “urges all IFPTE Locals in Canada and the United States to condemn NCTE’s anti-union practices.”

Read NPEU/IFPTE Local 70's full statement here.

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