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IFPTE Holds Its Fall 2020 Executive Council Meeting

IFPTE’s fifteen member Executive Council met virtually this week to discuss issues impacting IFPTE’s diverse membership throughout North America, as well as to address internal union business, including reviewing the annual IFPTE budget.

Among the issues discussed were recapping the recently concluded U.S. federal elections; the status of the critical legislative issues important to IFPTE that are pending in Congress; the union’s actions against Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister’s union busting Bill 16; the dire need for federal aid to state and local governments; the challenges facing aerospace industry workers, including thousands of IFPTE members, and; other internal issues impacting the IFPTE International and their Locals.

The Council also discussed preparations for next summer’s IFPTE Convention, including the likelihood of holding it virtually. IFPTE President Paul Shearon commented that “while we have had to continue to hold our biannual executive meetings virtually due to the pandemic, we have nonetheless continued to have productive meetings where we are able to address the major issues impacting our members. This week’s meeting was no different, and we suspect that in the likely event we will have to hold some semblance of a virtual convention next summer, IFPTE is well prepared to do so efficiently and effectively, and in a manner that will assure the active participation of all delegates.”

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