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IFPTE Holds Its Fall/Winter Executive Council Meeting

The sixteen-member IFPTE Executive Council met this week in Las Vegas, Nevada, to discuss the major issues impacting IFPTE’s diverse membership in the public, federal and private sectors.

Among the major topics discussed were the federation’s many organizing campaigns underway throughout Canada and the United States; the challenges facing unions – including IFPTE - due to union-busting policies being promulgated by anti-union politicians, and an overall review of the North American labour movement.

Among the several highlights of the meeting were IFPTE’s planned involvement in next year’s Presidential and Congressional elections, a summary by President Shearon on his AFL-CIO delegation trip to Juarez, Mexico, and the Executive Council’s approval of a Charter of Affiliation for the Saskatoon Civic Middle Management Association (SCMMA/IFPTE Local 222).

The next IFPTE Executive Council meeting will be held in May 2020.


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