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IFPTE Issues Letter Opposing the Affordable Care Act Repeal and Replace Bill

As the House prepares for a Thursday vote on legislation to repeal the Affordable Care Act, IFPTE issues a letter to House members warning the bill will, "leave 24 million people without health coverage, make it very difficult if not impossible for States to replace federal Medicaid dollars, lead to the loss of State government jobs, and be yet another corporate tax giveaway to already profitable heath industry companies." Read the full letter.

IFPTE Local 21 stepped up their grassroots efforts to defeat the House bill overturning the ACA by:

  • Sending out two alerts to members, the first one asking them to call their Congress
    member and another inviting their members to participate in phonebanks to call voters in swing congressional districts--many of the members who were contacted participated;
  • Working with eight IFPTE Local 21 chapters to write postcards to their Senators in support of the ACA; more than half of the chapter members wrote cards.

    3/23/2017 - AFL-CIO letter says, "the largest losses...result from the ACHA's gutting of the Medicaid program."

    Read IFPTE's full letter here

    Read the AFL-CIO's full letter here

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