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IFPTE Issues Letter of Appreciation to North Carolina Congressman Walter Jones

Following up IFPTE's Legislative Advocacy Conference, where members visited hundreds of Congressional offices across Capitol Hill, IFPTE took the opportunity to thank one long-time supporter of the union's membership, Congressman Walter Jones (R-NC).

Specifically, IFPTE penned a letter to the Congressman, pointing out that since 2003 when IFPTE and the Congressman's office began working together to repeal the so-called National Security Personnel System (NSPS), that "During that time you stood tall for our nation's national security, for our fighting men and women, and for the civilian workers who continue to work day in and day out to protect our nation.."

The letter went on to point out that Representative Jones has consistently been, "a bipartisan champion of the federal workforce."

Read the full letter here

8/4/2007: IFPTE Press Release, Bipartisan Inslee/Jones/Van Hollen Amendment to defund NSPS passes without opposition

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