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IFPTE Joins 22 FWA Unions in Endorsing the Bipartisan ALJ Competitive Service Restoration Act

The Federal Workers Alliance (FWA) endorsed a bipartisan bill (HR 2429) led by House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman, Elijah Cummings, to overturn Executive Order 13843, calling the legislation "much needed," to avoid a "rebirth of the spoils system...". Read the text of the bill, the full FWA letter, the AALJ endorsement, and committee press statement.


4/30/2019 AALJ Legislative Chair, Judge Gabrielle Vitellio, on Capitol Hill Judge Vitellio was joined by IFPTE legislative staff on Capitol Hill to visit with staff from several key lawmakers surrounding the introduction of the bipartisan ALJ Competitive Service Restoration Act (HR 2429).

IFPTE in the News:
5/1/2019 Lawmakers from Both Parties Seek to Restore Administrative Law Judges to Competitive Service (GovExec)

5/2/2019 Lawmakers Push Back on Partisan Selection of Administrative Judges (Federal Times)

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