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IFPTE Joins Federal Workers Alliance in Protecting Official Time

As the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee (HSGAC) prepares to consider HR 1293, IFPTE joined with Federal Workers Alliance (FWA) unions in urging the committee to reject potential amendments by Senator Rand Paul aimed at eroding and ending official time, calling the Paul amendments, “fiscally irresponsible“. Read the FWA and AFL-CIO letters below.

7/26/2017 - See New Hampshire Senator Maggie Hansen speak at the hearing in support of official time

5/24/2017 - House continues to target official time - IFPTE Weighs In

7/26/2017 - Senator Rand Paul amendments were never offered, so no vote on them occured

Read the FWA letter here

Read the AFL-CIO letter here

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