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IFPTE Leaders Respond to Ontario Election Results

ONTARIO, CANADA - The Society of United Professionals (IFPTE Local 160), and the IFPTE International provided the following response to yesterday’s win by the Progressive Conservatives in Ontario:

IFPTE Local 160 President/IFPTE Canadian Area Vice President Scott Travers:
“We at The Society of United Professionals acknowledge the Progressive Conservatives on their victory in yesterday’s provincial elections. As the premier union representing thousands of professionals in Ontario’s energy industry, we are prepared to work with the new government as they aim to address Ontario’s energy issues. We are hopeful that the Ford Administration will approach the issues impacting our industry in a reasoned way that includes the involvement of all stakeholders, including The Society.”

IFPTE Secretary-Treasurer Paul Shearon:
"While we certainly recognize Mr. Ford on his victory, it is important to remember that 58% of the voters did not support the Progressive Conservative agenda in this election. That said, as a union we want to work with the new administration in a good faith manner that is free from attacks on collective bargaining, workers’ rights, and efforts to further privatize energy services for the citizens of Ontario. Assuming we have a good faith partner in the Ford Administration, we are hopeful that we can create good energy policy to the benefit of working people.”

IFPTE is a labor union representing workers in the public, federal and private sectors, including over 10,000 workers in Canada.


Press release from IFPTE Leaders

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