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IFPTE Legislative Advocacy Conference 2020 Round Up

IFPTE Legislative Advocacy Conference 2020 Round Up

IFPTE has another successful Legislative Advocacy Conference during the 1st week in February. Our week-long event brought together members from across the United States and Canada for training and networking opportunities that focused on policy and legislation critical to the interests of IFPTE's members.

During the week, attendees made visits to Capitol Hill offices to discuss and advocate for issues currently before Congress, such as the attack on judges and their judicial independence, anti-union executive orders, fair trade and H-1B visa policy, and calling for a robust transportation infrastructure bill that creates and maintains tens of thousands of jobs, among others. Attendees also held meetings with government agencies and labor partners to continue our advocacy efforts beyond the Hill.

A particular focus of this year's legislative conference focused was on the ongoing attacks by the current U.S. Administration on our members and their right to engage in collective bargaining. This includes IFPTE Judicial Council 2, which is currently fighting against the U.S. Department of Justice’s effort to remove the union in order to silence Immigration Judges’ concerns about due process, while IFPTE Judicial Council 1 is fighting the U.S. Social Security Administration’s effort to erode due process for disability claimants and impose a contract that was negotiated in bad faith.

The presentations began by discussing point papers prepared for attendees to use during their Hill visits that addressed issues confronting every sector of IFPTE's membership. IFPTE's legislative staff, led by Secretary-Treasurer/Legislative Director Matt Biggs, began the discussion on the point papers to ready attendees for their Hill visits. (Position papers can be viewed/downloaded < ahref="">here; conference photos can be viewed/downloaded here).

AFL-CIO Executive Vice President PRO Act as well as the Public Service Freedom to Negotiate Act; AFL-CIO Department for Professional Employees Legislative Director Michael Wasser reviewing the legislative landscape for high-skills guestworker visas; a report from the Nonprofit Professional Employees Union – IFPTE Local 70 regarding their recent increase in size with a string of organizing wins; and House Water Resources Subcommittee staff discussing water resources infrastructure.

Congressman Jamie Raskin (MD-8) was the featured guest speaker who spoke to the importance of union representation and the value of the work that work IFPTE members do.

President Jackie-Shelley Morley of the Saskatoon Civic Middle Management Association (SCMMA) – IFPTE Local 222 was another special guest in attendance, along with her Vice President, Lana Stacheruk-Dodds. SCMMA recently affiliated with IFPTE making one of our newest Local affiliates.

From the Mayflower's iconic setting to our Capitol Hill meetings to the conference's numerous networking opportunities, attendees joined together to advocate for change around issues critical to IFPTE's vast membership. We are looking forward to great Legislative Conference in the future, as well as the IFPTE Convention in August 2021.

Partnership Matters...
IFPTE President Paul Shearon and Secretary-Treasurer Matt Biggs would like to thank each of you that made a point to introduce yourself to Janet Gerhard of the FHE Health (Florida House) at our Legislative Conference. The health and welfare of our members and their families is of utmost importance to IFPTE and we count on our partners to improve our ability to serve members. For those unable to attend the conference, we encourage all to consider providing that link of your members as a resource for those who may be struggling in silence -

For additional information, contact Janet Gerhard to assist with training for your members, and educating your leadership on how to effectively use the FHE Health 24/7 at 267/249-0513.

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